I confess, whilst searching for a particular arrangement of a traditional Cuban song on iTunes, I stumbled across Mariposa by Guitarra Azul. Must have been my lucky day! The sample tracks had me rushing to find your your website. Bought a copy of Mariposa immediately. Whilst delivery followed swiftly, I’m afraid I simply couldn’t wait and also downloaded from iTunes! I have played Mariposa morning, noon and night… to be thruthful, more times than I can count! These beautiful compositions, played with flawless precision transport me to a place I long to be. Thank you so much for getting me part of the way there. How Guitarra Azul will ever improve on this disc, I really don’t know. Why Guitarra Azul are not already playing the world stage is a complete mystery to me. I can feel a holiday to Chicago coming on!

Angela â€“ London, UK