Guitarra Azul is an extraordinary Latin rhythm/jazz band owing its unparalleled original sound to its soulful leader, Stefano, via his brilliant writing skills – breathing sensual, emotional, poignant and upbeat rhythms through his genius guitar playing. Rounding out the group alongside Stefano are Miguel, who’s amazing classically trained percussion technique is immediately obvious as well as gifted Ruben, Roberto and David on bongos and guitars respectively, lending a tightly woven fresh interpretation each time a song is played. The depth and beauty of Mariposa sent tears my way the first time I heard the CD. Seeing Guitarra Azul perform live is a feast for the eyes and soul – a truly joyful experience to be shared with like minded friends. Guitarra Azul may not be currently getting all the recognition they so deserve; however, they are “on their way”. It won’t be long before they become a truly deserving dominant presence on the Latin music scene.

Christine along with Helen and Gail (Charlie’s Angels)